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  • Liquid Capital: $ 29,500
  • Capital Required: $ 29,500 To $ 89,000
  • Support/Training: Available
  • Availability: Worldwide
  • Life Style Work:
    Full Time


List Premier's Jungle Beat Learning Centres Franchise



List Premier Education's Jungle Beat child and English language development programs are exciting and entertaining interactive teaching programs for children, from ages 3 to 15 years.  Jungle Beat is a great program for brain develoment, knowledge enrichment, and critical thinking.  The programs are meant for interactive white boards, touch boards and touch screens.  Each Jungle Beat program is introduced by a 5 minute captivating, colourful and funny high quality CGI cartoon.  The cartoons follow the many exciting adventures of various African creatures.  They are also specifically deisgned to set the scene for ongoing activities in the interactive component of the programs which teach, reinforce, and emphasise the learning content.  The run time of each lesson can vary from 3 hours to 5 hours, depending on the class size, learning pace, activities conducted, and use of interactive tools. The Jungle Beat child and English language development programs consist out of 3 programs, namely:


  • The English Language Develoment (Junior Jungle Beat) Program
  • The Child and English Language Development Program, and
  • The Knowledge Enrichment Program (A modern day gifted and talented program)

Children relate well to the stories and characters used and it is easy for them to understand and apply new knowledge.  The animation and interactive content is the latest in technology and yet familiar and very popular with children.  List Premier Education's new Jungle Beat interactive educational software makes learning easy, fun, memorable and rewarding.


Excellent for kindergartens, CRAM schools, language centers, and ESL/EAL education

The Jungle Beat CGI series has also won several prestigious accolades, including 4 Platinum Awards from the american Pixel Academy 2011 & 2012, Best Animation from the South African Film and Television Awards 2012, Best Sound Design and Best Actor at WYSIWYG 2008, Winning Film at Annecy's Jica Enfants Competition in 2008, Best Animated Short at the Freeze Frame Interanaitonal Film Festivial 2007, Main Prize at the Sprockets Toronto Interanational Film Festival 2003.



Support Materials:

  • Extensive Teachers Notes - to explain the lay-out for each and every lesson
  • Activity Pages/ printouts for classroom activities
  • Printed Workbooks and homework
  • Online multi-platform compatible workbooks
  • Evaluation and assessment instructions and spreadsheet
  • Initial and ongoign training, including interactive training program
  • Lesson scripts with story summaries
  • Workbook answers
  • Teacher's Manual
  • Additional Classroom activities
  • Certificates

Perfect For:

  • Anyone wishing to open a kindergarten, language center, cram school, after hours centre, etc
  • Suitable for anyone with an existing centre. No need to change your centre appearance. However, all local health and safety requirements must be met and an interactive screen is a must with the software.
  • Stay at home mum's- Yes, you can run a small centre from a home or small office at a lower cost, as long as all local healthy and safety requirements are met.
  • An add on to a cafe, coffee shop, gym, etc. Make your business stand out by catering for children, just think of the parent's wanting a break while having a coffee!


If you already have an educational centre, then our Franchise model can be used at your existing premises.
The appearance of franchise centre is very flexible.


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